Saturday, February 10, 2007

Feb 10, 2007

Well it's been awhile since I had time to blog. Dad is still in Indy. He's in a different hospital now and has grown quite confused. They are stopping all his chemo treatments, just giving him pain medication and treating the pneumonia, and that's it. The "make him comfortable" decision was made. I think he was below the proper level of oxygen for several days and it has affected his brain cells. He was telling me that his pocket knife was made of plastic instead of metal. now I know he didn't have his pocket knife in the hospital. Maybe he meant his dinner knife. Anywhoo, he's in a small hospital now for physical therapy to get his strenght back. He was in bed for three weeks straight, and can't walk or even stand. They are saying that he will only be there a few weeks and then will get to go home. He called me tonight and for once didn't ask if I was staying at his house. My brother (the pain) was there. Dad wants nothing more than for us to make up, but he doesn't know why we stopped communicating. Bro was such a shit to his ex-wife and threated his daughter so badly that she eventually changed her name and moved away just to get away from him (the daughter, not the ex). Well, I took his ex's side and he knows that I know that he's been telling lies to the familyabout his daughter and his ex. I haven't told anyone, except when our mother said something about how J wasn't a very good daughter to her mother. Then I couldn't hold it back. I told Mom that she was a wonderful daughter. Her mom (the ex) was just diagnosed with MS, and J came home from college every day (over an hour away) just to drive her mother (who was having double vision from the MS) anywhere she needed to go. I told my mother that I would love to have a daughter as good as J, and that Jerkface Bro was lying. (He even told Mom that J had a drug habit because of her mother! Totally absurd!) So Dad wants nothing more than for us to makeup. He even gets teary about it. Well, it's Jerkface that threw out all my cards and gifts to the girls for birthdays and holidays (without opening them) for years, and it's Jerkface who pointedly talks to my son and not to me at family weddings, etc. He tried to uninvite me to his daughter's wedding, but I told him I was invited by the Mother of the Bride, and would be attending as her guest. I'll tell Dad that we are all made up. He won't really know the difference. He can die happy. Jerkface- well, I don't really care if I don't ever talk to him again. I have plenty of brothers. (Jerkface also told his daughters to call my husband "Uncle Zero" because he was a nothing.- Any wonder why I don't care for him?)

So Jerkface and his new(ish) wife (she's OK- but not really my kind of person. She, like Jerkface, are very concerned about keeping up with the neighbors. I've kind of decided that there are better things in life.) are visiting with Dad today. I'm driving down tomorrow, but they should be gone by then. They live about 7 hours from the hospital. It's about 2.5 hours for me. I'll drive down for the day, then come home.

Well, other adventures have been going on. Our pipes froze up and we were without water for five days. We got everything repaired and back on today. It felt so good to take a hot shower. We were making do with snow melted and heated on the stove for "camping baths," hair washing and toilet flushing.

At work, Dr. PITA has been on the warpath for two weeks. She has been raging at my workers, and finally I insisted that the higher up do something. I was pretty firm about it. Tuesday the AD will be doing some kind of "official disciplinary action" in response to her inappropriate and unprofessional behavior toward me and one of my staff. It will be a rough few days next week. When she's embarrassed she lashes out and just shreiks. Personally, I think she's mentally unbalanced. This same thing happened about two years ago. In between she was over medicating for real and non-real medical conditions. She doctor shops until she gets a prescription, then goes to another DR for another prescription and takes them both. She was having seizures and thought she had a heart attack in class. More likely a panic attack. She had to go to a clinic for two weeks in the fall to "get a new prescription regimen"- that means to get dried out. When she was overmedicating she walked around in a fog half the time. It was quite nice, actually. Now she's back to her bullying ways, and I'm just not going to stand for it. She thinks anyone without a PhD is inferior.

Well, this has been quite a bitch session, but I do feel better. I guess that's what's really important. LOL