Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So what happened to 2009? Last thing I remember was coming home from New Mexico for thanksgiving.

I've been knitting. YAWN very exciting, right? Well, I'm hooked on socks. I've made about 5 pairs now. My first pair was a real disaster, second a bit better and they are looking pretty good now. Other than that- back to school for my last semester. Grad school couldn't be over soon enough for me. I'm so burned out! I'm still excited about my field (Environmental Studies) and love teaching when I can get it, but I just want to get on with life.
Big day yesterday- The Inauguration. WOW! What a great speech, so hopeful, positive and what a great honesty. Very refreshing since the evil empire has been overturned. And I see today that all "questioning" at GITMO has stopped. Why not move all of the "prisoners" to W's ranch in Crawford? They are his guests, let him deal with them.

this year:
--I've bought my carbon offsets- I'm carbon neutral for the year.
--I've been taking the bus and leaving the car at home. I moved my car into an empty driveway across the street and DH panicked and thought my car had been stolen. tee hee.
--The kitten is now a year old and bigger than the older three year old kitty. Pictures to follow if I can get them to quit fighting. It starts as play then he gets rowdy and she whaps him.
--My stitching challenge was completed last year and I have two new pieces to finish this year.
--I'm turning... well, less than 50. How did I ever get so old, and even more bizarre.. how do I have a kid almost 30 and a husband that can eat off the senior menu?