Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 9, 2011-

In twelve hours I had more fun than I've had in ages! First A grand adventure to Hammond Indiana with Randy, my partner in crime. We decided weeks ago that we would get tattoos together. Well, the day came, and there we were...looking through Tattoo portfolios at a very trendy upscale and expensive tattoo parlor. Well, if I was going to get a full back dragon tattoo, I might consider this place, but we were after something simple and affordable. And we didn't want to make an appointment for September to come back. Not kidding....a two month wait. And the place looked like a dental office. well a dental office covered with tattoos, but still.So off we went to the next place. We used the intergoogleweb to do some research beforehand, so we had three places checked out. We were very happy at the second place- it was clean, a bit dark, small, and perfect. We had brought our designs with us, and got a very reasonable deal. I gave them an idea for my ring tattoo, and the artist drew up something very cool that I really like. It will probably fade a bit, being on my finger, but that's fine. Subtle and small tattoos are what I'm looking for. I got a foot and finger tattoo and Randy went for the studly bicep.

After our artwork, we were off to the Horseshoe Casino. My not-so-secret famous crush, Craig Ferguson was doing stand up, and we had tickets eight rows back. Randy took some amazing photos while I just totally zoned on Craig. First, he's funny. He can make me laugh until I cry, and second, he just makes it all feel so intimate. One look, a raised eyebrow, a simple mouthed "I know!" makes you feel like he's talking right to you. **sigh** huge crush. I met up with one of my tweeps- Fanny57 (waves) and just missed meeting up with several more. I wish we could have gotten one large group photo, but maybe next time.

Thanks Randy for taking all the photos. over 200 of my very own craigy images. wOOt!