Sunday, July 26, 2009

Book Review- Grass for His Pillow- Lian Hearn

Great second of a trilogy. I don't know how well it wold work as a stand alone book, since I can't go back and unread the first, but this is an excellent growth book. Both main character have a voice here. Takeo learns to improve his skills, learns about treachery and gets a girl pregnant. Kaede loses Takeo's child when she hears he's dead (not true) almost dies herself (Takeo is told she is dead) and then decided it's time to decide her own fate. She becomes very strong and decides that using the horrible, slimy, rich, menacing neighbor will do it. Of course once Takeo and Kaede learn that the other is indeed alive, all bets are off and in a very unsurprising turn, they are together at the end, both wiser, stronger and better prepared for the wars ahead for being apart. Immediatly started book three- Brilliance of the Moon, because I just have to know what's going to happen. I know they are going to win, but I'm sure there will be many adventures, twists, beheadings, intrigue and Tribe assasinations to come.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I guess I forgot....

Nancy and I finished our stitchalong last week! I posted it on facebook, but forgot to here... sooo.... drumroll....

This will probably be framed and donated to the EEAI MEEC auction. (

15 books

Over on facebook this is going around- list the first 15 books that come into your head.

1. Finger Licking Fifteen (reading now)
2. Grass for His Pillow (interrupted to read #1)
3. The Sparrow (best book ever)
4. A Thread of Grace (same author- so that was next in the brain fog)
5. Forrest Gump (because I was just telling someone how horrible it was)
6. Island of the Blue Dolphins (my favorite as a kid)
7. My Side of the Mountain (another childhood favorite)
8. The Egg and I (still hilarious after 40 years)
9. The Handmaid's Tale (the last Atwood I read- a favorite author- which reminds me of...)
10. Cat's Eye (also Atwood)
11. Whip Hand (The book that started my love affair with Dick Francis)
12. Angela's Ashes (because Dick Francis is English and that reminded me of Irish Frank McCourt)
13. Angels and Demons (just saw the movie so that's floated up from the depths)
14. The DaVinci Code (because if Angels and Demons)
15. The Lorax- my first "green" book

These are not my favorites now, or books that I can't live without- but the question was list the first 15, and those surfaced first.

The best books ever would include Les Miserables, The Count of Monte Cristo, Fahrenheit 451, and loads of others that are just now floating into memory... but that list is for another day.