Thursday, April 3, 2008

Next grand adventure!

So I'm already planning the next adventure. I friend and I are going to take the train to Buffalo to visit her Mom. I'm hoping to meet up with some BookObsessed members, and get away from work for another week.

I really do love my job, but since I can't roll over any more vacation, and I'm being forced to take it, well, I guess I've learned to like it!

I'm also managing to avoid writing a paper due in three days. Cap and Trade carbon reductions and senate bill 2191. Yes, it's as interesting as it sounds. Which is why I just can't get into it. I have two more classes and my project to be done with grad school and I have NO enthusiasm for finishing. I'm going to slog thru and finish. I just want to get it over and move on with my life. I'll work on my paper tomorrow, maybe tonight. At night I just want to spend time with my DH. I don't get to see him often because I'm usually off doing something else. I emailed the groups I'm working with in a town about an hour away, and told them not to expect to see me for at least two months. I was driving there two time a week average, and just can't take the time away from my paying job for my volunteer work at the moment. I hope they are fine with it. If they aren't, well, life goes on. They can't drag me 60 miles.

So- reading has become secondary in my life, but I'm reading the first in a series- Diana Gabaldon's Lord John series. I loved the Outlanders, and these are much smaller and faster reads.

Ignoring my paper also meant that I paid more attention to my needlework, and I finished a 4 year project. (Well, I started it before grad school, so shouldn't I finish it first? Sure! Perfect reason to ignore the paper.) The pattern is here but mine looks a bit washed out compared to this. Over 46,000 stitches-56 colors, most of them shades of gray.

I also finished a Hardanger piece, very pretty blue on blue. I'll try to post a photo later.
Now I'm working on a Navajo rug pattern I got in New Mexico, and a HUGE bellpull with loads of blackwork, that is also an older project I want to finish this year. After seeing the Navajo women weaving, I want to take it up again, but I have NO room for a loom, and just can't justify another hobby.