Monday, February 16, 2009

Just a few minutes while I'm on my lunch break. My head's killing me and I think I had a great huge hot flash this morning. Small price to pay for no more periods. Well there are those wild chin witch hairs that grow about a inch overnight, but other than additional plucking, that's livable too.

I still have no energy for classwork, which I what I should be doing now. I think it's just grad school burnout. Of course if I listen to those drug ads I'm probably ready for a collapse- "Are you tired? Do you have thoughts of inadequacy? Does it feel like you just can't get everything done? Then here- Have a pill!" Jeez! And the pill will make me gain weight, lose weight, my hair will fall out, I may commit suicide, have a heart attack, weakness in the knees, get leukemia, scurvy or Beri Beri.

I did get a lot done last week: I wrote a grant for an Urban Bird event, I did 3 telenet conferences working on a state wide Master Naturalists program, I got recertified as a deputy voter registrar, I subbed three classes, I took a couple hours off, and I finished my reading for my class yeasterday.

Whoa- EMTs with a stretcher just went by my office. Wonder what's up?

Knitting- working on a pair of cashmere socks in chocolate brown. I don't have enough yarn to finish them (stinking lying patterns!) and the place I got it at is out. Will try again later in the week. Got some chunky yarn to make some boot socks with.

Stitching- will have one challenge piece done shortly- The Green Earth

all that's left is the big green swoosh at the bottom.
My second challenge is this Teec Nos Pos piece. I've got some of the upper left corner done. Just started, really.

Well, back to work!