Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Blogging as therapy?

Well, I haven't blogged since February, and Dad was still in the hospital. He's dying now. We heard today that it will be about 3 weeks, but Dad said that he thought he was dying last night. I think that attitude is everything, and if Dad thinks this is the end, then it will be. My brother is visiting him (from Georgia) but is going home in the morning. I'm taking as many days off as I can to spend time with him. School is about over, and I have a million things to do- I need to hire two new people for summer, 2 or 3 for fall, and I just can't seem to get it done. With three labs to move this summer I'm going to be incredibly busy, and with some serious time management, I should be able to get everything done, and still take a class. DH is already grumbling that he never sees me anymore. I think DS would just as soon I was gone, because all I ever do is rag him about things. I shouldn't have to ask a 27 year old (who is still living on my dime) to pick up his dirty clothes or take out the trash. No one had to tell me at 27, but I had a nine year old to look after.

So I should be working on something, but instead I'm blogging and bitching, and feeling sorry for myself, which isn't really like me at all. Maybe this will help-
List to do before bed:
Start laundry
pick up crap
do dishes
laundry into dryer
work on TMDL

OK- I should have about an hour- It's 11:00pm now.
Let's see if I can do some of this.

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Dana said...

You have every right to bitch and feel sorry etc. This is an incredibly tough time and my thoughts are with you and your family