Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whew! What a day!

I was going to have a nice day off. Well, there was something that need my attention at school. So into work I go, get a lab set up, then home to take the new kitten to the vet for a quick gender check. (It's a Boy!) He cried the whole way to and from the vet. About 45 minutes of howling from a tiny kitten! Back to school in time for lunch. Great timing. Played Mahjongg, lost. Then off to get a cut and a perm.
Home in time to convince DH that a male cat was perfectly fine. (He wanted a female.) and since he has an M on his head, he needs an M name. Oh, we had some silly ones, but he ends up being Merlin. (DS suggested Moonbeam, but that was too sissy for a boy.) Primo Cat Sparkle is not thrilled with the alien, but she's doing better. Or was until I accidentally touched her butt, when she was staring at the invader. She jumped, howled, took off down the hall and is now back to hissing. **sigh**

Then this evening I went to a talk about cap and trade carbon credits. Yup, about as exciting as it sounds, and the friend I was with knew more than the guys making the presentation. It did make them come over and talk to us after the presentation, and we got some good information and traded some websites. It was kind of cool to talk to people trying to do something about global warming. I have to write a paper on cap and trade, so I got some good leads and quotes.

Back home, kitten hates me. I think he remembers who took him on the car ride. He's very bonded with DH, which is good. I can have the old kitty, he can have the new one.

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Dana said...

He is so adorable!!!