Monday, May 5, 2008

Just a quick note

As if I can just do something quick....

Well, back from another trip, this time to lovely Niagara Falls. Trip highlights:
  • Niagara Falls- Oh my! this time I went on the US side. We walked out onto islands in the river right above the falls! Very cool! Photos to come.
  • Meeting Morsecode- it's nice to "know" someone, but it's fun to meet them in person. Morsie and I have known each other for quite awhile, and it was great fun to acually meet.
  • Roycroft- this is an area where they do loads of Arts & Crafts style pottery from the Art Deco period. I saw some beautiful work, and of course could afford none of it, or want to risk it coming back on the train. I did get a very neat pair of glass earrings with gold leaves on them.
  • Shopping! There are loads of great independent shops that have been around for generations- Chocolate, used books, knick knacks all very fun. I got a smiley ball for my antenna that says "Buffalo- Where it helps to have a sense of humor"
  • Eating! Tim Horton's of course (where I really confused the counter girl by asking for a half dozen of TimBits chocolate and a half dozen of TimBits in Honey Dipped- I ended up with about 20 in all!) and all sorts of great food.
  • Meeting new people- I went with a friend from Buffalo, and met her aunts, uncles and cousins and several of her friends there. Her Mom was our hostess, and I was very spoiled. I had to be very stern to pick up a check now and again.

It was a great trip- another Amtrak Adventure. No pillows again, and there was a way too friendly guy across the aisle who was either chatting us up or snoring like a buzz saw. (My friend said he was also farting all night, but as I was further away, I didn't get that bit of excitement.)

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Dana said...

Sounds like a great trip. So sorry we couldn't have met