Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring Break!

Yay! Spring break! It's so nice and quiet here with the students gone. I could bring in my knitting and work on it, but there are SOME people who think I should work at work. Well, OK, most people think I should work at work.
DH is home with pneumonia, DS has lost his voice (which is good considering the argument we had yesterday)and has an earache (and I hope it was from me yelling at him).

It's sugaring season again, and I've been spending loads of time out in the woods showing kids and parents how to tap trees. The weather has been a bit rough. Really cold one day, rain, thunderstorm and hail the next, the 60 and sunny the next. It's very spring-y here.

No trip to New Mexico this spring. DS is in college and I don't want him to miss classes, and I can't leave until my college spring break, and, of course, those breaks are different weeks. I'm planning to go to New Mex for Thanksgiving, and to go to a stitching retreat. Don't know what DS will do with himself for a couple days while I'm stitching. At this point, I don't really care. Ds managed to get himself fired after three weeks at his new job. He said he was kidding around and something got taken out of context about him saying he was "going to slap somebody." Well, I think there was probably more than that, but he's not talking. Jobs aren't just laying around for hte taking. He needs to keep one if he wants to make payments on his new car, which I cosigned for. **sigh**

Well, back to work. Time to spend some money.

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