Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earth Week!

Earth Week? Oh there's way too much going on for just one day.
Let's see...
Last week I attended the opening of our Green Institute, which included a dedication to Chad Pregracke from Living Lands and Waters, who is an alumni here. Then I took a class out into the Greenspace for a couple hours learning about biodiversity and picking up trash. They gathered two HUGE bags (we use 55 gallon trash bags for the greenspace) and three smaller ones just in our walk out and back. Then I planted some pin oaks and taught a couple people to use the tree bar, so more were planted later. We took a couple plugs of cord grass from the wetlands and transplanted them into Heartland Park. Friday I had some student help posting signs on all our classroom recycle bins that it's OK to mingle the recyclables. We only have one bin in each room and it's for everything. Students are so used to sorting their recyclables, that if there's paper int he bin, they toss their bottles in the trash. If they see bottles in the bin, then paper goes into the trash.

This week is a second waste audit on Wednesday, the two days of giving away free trees, magnets, veggie burgers, selling raffle tickets and having a good time at SpringFest.

Friday is the beginning of a weekend retreat with about a dozen of my closest friends, stitching, shopping, eating, stitching, eating, and maybe a little sleeping...

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