Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just ramblings

So the kitten has a new home. She'll be out of the rain and cold, and there's no danger of her being eaten by a coyote (my biggest fear) so I'm very satisfied. We miss her (even after only a week) but things are much calmer. Our two cats are getting along much better, probably that shared enemy thing, but I don't expect that to last.

DH-- Oh where to start...
His car broke down. The timing belt broke, and maybe he bent the valves. So I told him weeks ago to take his car into the shop to check the belt because it was making noise. Did he? When it would have only cost a few hundred to replace a belt? Oh no- so far it's about $700+ and we haven't even talked valves yet. **sigh**

man rule #1- things don't heal. You have to fix them. (ie- the water heater, the kitchen sink, the bathtub knobs, the crappy floors, the car.) Saying you are going to do it is not the same as doing it.

man rule #2- If you do what your wife says, you will get sex. (always need an incentive)

man rule #3- If you ignore your wife, she will bitch at you. Forever. You may still get sex, but you won't get those extra perks you like.

That's all to say....


Yeah, for now.

School has started and I have great classes! I haven't taught since last fall, so my patter is a bit rusty, but with three classes, I'm getting well rehearsed. I just love teaching in the summer. Things move along and the students seem to work better together because they see each other more often. And I go outside more, which I really like.

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Dana said...

Love the Man rules LOL

My DH needs Man Rule #1 to be:

Just because you love taking things apart, does not mean it needs fixing. When your wife says something does not sound right, she is not imagining things