Thursday, October 29, 2009

American on Purpose- Craig Ferguson

Just finished this book. It was GREAT! First of all, I stay up way too late just to watch Craig every night. I loathe Letterman, so I flip over after Conan. (The move by Conan to the Tonight show was perfect IMHO- Now I can see both the Irish- American and the Scottish-American and since what's his whosit who took over Late Night is dumber than dirt I never have to choose who to watch.)
Now, about the book-

Craig (if I may call him that) is honest and open about his, ummm... bad life choices. He doesn't lay the blame anywhere but where it deserves to be. He's witty and open, and if he wasn't married, and I wasn't married, and he was closer, I might be tempted to lead him astray. His joy at becoming American is refreshing and reminds me that it is a Good Day for America. His deep sadness over his parents' deaths is heartfelt, not self pitying. And his stories of his youthful (and not so youthful) misadventures are downright funny, especially if it's not you waking up missing large chunks of your memory.

I just want to ask one thing.

Craig- why didn't you write this book 40 years ago, so I could have found out that there is a nickname for Janet (the name I've always hated) and lived my life as Netta? I can do Netta. But not now when I can't even get people to use my Maiden/Married last name. I can't confuse people even more. **sigh**