Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day!

I spent Earth Day outside, taking a class hiking around the prairie. Can't think of a better way to spend the day! I used to get all excited about having an "event" for Earth Day, but since I've become more of an "Every Day" type, I notice that I feel happier when I'm fighting the good fight. Kind of like when your boss catches you working on something really hard...that feeling of doing what needs to be done every day instead of one day kinda gives me a warm green glow.

So Happy 40th Earth Day! and Happy Living on the Earth Lightly Every

So what else is going on? Not much, except being very busy taking kids outside or teaching them about the evils of bottled water, and teaching adults how to make informed choices about the environment, and helping other people do the same, it's been a very green semester. And I love it! Every day brings a new adventure. Last week middle school students got to see a hidden duck nest, saw a snake swimming on the pond, found the remnants of a rabbit (all fur, no guts) picked up three bags of trash, ate some mustard greens, saw hawks, swallows,and turkey vultures, and learned that geese are never, ever pettable.

Next week- fishing adventures start. I hope to be very, very busy this summer getting kids and adults outdoors.

In the world of knitting, I've finished another pair of socks and signed up for a knitting conference near Chicago in August. A new pair of socks are going on the needles today. I'm going to use my bamboo yarn this time. They should be very soft and pretty.

The finished socks:

Oh yeah- Craig Ferguson and the Robot Skeleton Army ROCK! Just sayin'

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