Sunday, October 31, 2010

One sentence journal

I was poking around online and found something called the Happiness Project, or some such thing.
One way they said to have a happier life was to journal every day, but only do one sentence. I don't know how this can make you happy, unless you focus on the best thing that happened to you each day. I doubt I'll focus on the best each day, but I think that I'll try some kind of two sentence journal. Sentence one is just he one thing that I did that day. Kind of a reference point for me. The second sentence will be how I'm feeling because of it. I don't think happiness is ignoring what makes you unhappy. I think happiness is learning to deal with the bad things without it ruining everything else about your day.

And two sentences aren't much. Life is going to be getting very busy for me very soon.

so here the first two sentences:
1.) I traveled to Iowa for Uncle Fred's 90th birthday party today, and got to visit with family for a few hours.
2.) I am truly grateful for my friends in my life, who have become my real family over the years.

à bientôt!

1 comment:

Knitrageous said...

That is a very interesting idea. A sentence, as long as the words were not limited, could actually suffice in some instances. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!