Saturday, October 1, 2011

Next up on the All-Star DJ list....wait for it.....Lori. A woman who cusses on my level, stitches better than I do, and will someday use the proper needles for sock knitting.  With some help from Guitar Hero and Lou, her wonderful husband,  here's her top ten:

1. Go Your Own Way, Fleetwod Mac

 2. I've Gotta Feeling,  Black Eyed Peas

3. Mrs. Robinson, Simon and Garfunkel

4. Jesus He Knows Me,  Phil Collins

5. Moonlight Shadow, Mike Oldfield

6. Mad World, Gary Jules 

7. Hey Mr. Tambourine Man,  Bob Dylan

8. Love Story, Taylor swift 

9. Break Away, Kelly Clarkson

10. Time Of Your Life. Green Day

Great songs!

oh- and sorry about the Shatner...but I just had to.  Here's the real thing.

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