Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm Back!

I've been thinking about bloging again. Life was rough last summer, but things are getting a bit smoother now. So what's been happening? Loads. Things on my mind? Sure.

Rant for the day.

A few days ago, a student walked into a college c;assroom at Northwestern Illinois University. NIU is about 2 hours from me. Working at a college, and having this happen so close, I can only expect some kind of response from work. Here it is-- we are all supposed to go stand outside by the flagpole (in freezing weather) for a 10 minute "vigil" and we are signing a banner to send to NIU. Well, won't that make them feel better? Won't that just help? WTF!!?? My office is on the ground floor, first one in, easy acces for any CRAZY MAD EVIL GUN TOTING WACKO!!! Are we planning to lock the outside doors, or maybe suggest teachers lock their classrooms? How about even having ID cards displayed? Anything? Last communication from higher up was that the locks on the classroom doors will be changed to push button locks. Now teachers have to lock and unlock the doors with a key. So you could open your door without unlocking it, and then close it and it would be locked again. Now instructors will have to push a button in to lock a door. That makes us more secure how? Every instructor has a key.

So we have a meaningless gesture to NIU, who could use maybe some help with councellors or with some useful discussion about how to make campuses safe, and a meaningless change in "security" to keep us safe. It's going to cost some money to secure the campus, but it could be done, and we aren't safe until we do.

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Dana said...

Glad to see you back blogging. These security people just don't GET it. What happens if there is a fire and everyone is locked in their classroom?
Burning vs guns

What a choice