Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

Feb. 20, 2008
I was supposed to go out to Sugar Grove and take a class through the wonderful world of sugaring, but it was freezing ass cold today, and the school canceled. I have another tomorrow, when it will be slightly less cold, but still in the high 20's. This weekend is an event for the community sugaring, and it's supposed to be int the mid 30s, which should feel pretty nice after the cold we've had.

I read an article online about a Pastor who is trying to get people to stop complaining. He gives out purple bracelets and every time you complain you move it onto the other wrist. If you get to keep the bracelet on the same wrist for three weeks, you get a certificate. He said most people take months to stop complaining. What's so wrong about complaining? There's more wrong with being passive and going along with the herd. There is a difference between whining and complaining. Whining I can do without, but complaining is often very relevant and leads to solutions. If you don't complain, then everything's ok, right? I hereby vow to complain more, to stand up for all those who think passivity is good, and that we should be sheep. Frankly, that whole shepherd/sheep religious thing just sets me way off.

Speaking of religion, I found a book today when I was out feeding my habit. It's “the Little Book of Atheist Spirituality” by Andre Comte-Sponville. So being a loud and proud Atheist, I thought I'd take a look. I'll review it here as I read it. Oh I like this. It's divided up into three sections: Can we do without religion? (Um... yup- better than with I think), Does God Exist? (nope. Sorry- he's a figment of our collective superstition and refusal to accept the responsibility for our actions- God's will and all that crap) and Can there be and Atheist spirituality? (Depends on the definition.) Interesting so far...

Full lunar eclipse tonight. Last one for about three years, so I had to go out into the freezing night and look. Magnificent! The moon was in full eclipse, with a wonderful red glow. That is truly spiritual. Seeing nature in all its glory. I know why it happens, I know when it happens, I know when it will happen again. It's not magical or holy. It's science showing off, just like buds in spring and whispering soft snowfalls. I find it beautiful because I choose to, not because some old man in a long white beard (who is a Packers and Cowboys fan at the same time, apparently) has made it beautiful. Beauty is paying attention to the common and the uncommon. It would be the height of egoism to think that some supreme being made something as beautiful as a red eclipsed moon simply for me to enjoy, or to send me a grim warning, or to predict a new king, as has been declared in the past. It happens on a predictable cycle and it's beautiful because I'm there to appreciate it.


Dana said...

Sugaring time!!!!!! Spring is just around that corner. It just feels too cold here for that to be the case

Ladyjanet said...

I went out today. So kids, this is where you would see the sap coming out if it wan't 20 degrees today. But it sure was fun!