Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why can't I stop complaining!

Teacher from hell sent me a flaming email right at about time to go home today. The computers in her lab weren't working, and she had to spend time "tinkering" with them instead of teaching. Well do I look like ITS? She wants "someone" (ME) to check the computers before every class to make sure "the software works." Well the software worked on 7 of the 9 computers. What was her problem with them? there was no desktop icon. The students had to start->programs-> program they needed. The other three computers? I have no idea why they didn't work. They did two weeks ago because I checked them myself. Did she call ITS? no. Did she call me? no. She just bitched and flamed an email to everyone, including my boss and his boss, and probably the teacher's union rep as well. So I stayed after work about three hours and got two of the computers working. I had to stop because a lab was coming in, or I'd probably still be there.

And then she had the nerve to complain about broken equipment when it was HER STUDENTS who broke it, and I very clearly told everyone to watch their students carefully so the equipment wouldn't get broken. And her most recent complaint other than the flame? That a one page-two sided lab was stapled backwards to the instructions, so her students had to ***gasp*** turn the freaking paper over! afater I gave her two copies to proof (which she has lost and is on #3- but claims I never gave them to her). Last week she was gone, drying out from her prescription drug problem. She did two weeks at Mayo last fall for the same thing. And she rants and raves and acts like I'm the one with the problem?

Usually ranting makes me feel better, but not tonight.

On to better things. I'm going to read some of my homework, to get ready to turn in an assignment Thursday, and try to relax before I have to go to bed. I'm going in early, if I can manage, and get back to work on the computers. The good thing? I have thursday away from campus- more tree tapping with 4th graders, and friday I'm meeting up with some of my treehugging friends for some professional development which includes a behind the scenes tour of our state natural history museum. Can't wait!

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