Sunday, January 28, 2007

Back from Indy

Dad was transferred to Indiana University Hospital Friday. DS and I drove down tomgo to Indy with my step mom. She was just a little nervous about driving in a strnage city. I drove her to Indy and DS followed in my car. I'm tired, but glad that Dad seems to be better. There had been such a change in the last two months, that this could very well be the begining of th eend. They've stopped treating hime for the bone cancer until they can get his pneumonia cleared up.

I've asked DH to quit smoking, and I'm going to ask him again. I don't nag, but every time I see what smoking has done to Dad, I can't help thinking that DH will be going thru the same thing in about 10 years.

So My bbirthday was spend driving to hospitals. We didn't go out for dinner as we had planned, adn we didn't really get to celebrate it at all. Dad didn't remember at all. (Well, he remembered a few weeks ago before he got sick. He sent me the cutest kitten card.) The lack of oxygen has really affected his memory. He was much better when I left today.

Off to bed so I can get caught up on my homework and housework in the morning. Some things still have to be done.

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