Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dad's back in the hospital

Dad is back in the hospital, very grumpy and wants to go home. He's got emphysema, has been battling lung and bone cancer for 2 years, and now has pneumonia. He's not getting enough oxygen, and it makes him weak and dizzy. He hasn't eaten for the last few days (that doesn't help) and will hardly get out of bed. Two years ago he was remodelling a house. Now he has to rest to stand up.

At the hospital, the doctor asked if he had a living will. He does. He's about and hour and a half away, and I wish I could just go sit with him, even though he probably wouldn't want me to. I called him Friday to ask if he wanted me to come down for a visit. He said that he didn't want everyone to think it was time to come and say goodbye. I told him I just wanted a regular visit, like we usually have, not a big farewell scene. He laughed and said to do it next week, since he just really wasn't feeling all that great.

I'll call him tomorrow evening to see how he is.

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